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Intoxyc8me Paracord World Christian Collection

Our Survival Bracelets™ have become known as a symbol of strength, honor, survival, helping others and the belief in a way of life. They are fashionable, make a statement and are a lot of fun to wear. This collection includes Survival Bracelets™ for the whole family. You can design your own bracelet with any colors to match your personal style.

Each product below comes interwoven with a beautiful stainless steel cross charm. The cross is made from the same stainless steel as our stainless shackle.clasp. They are both guaranteed for life to never break or rust. The body of the bracelet is made from super strong, authentic, military spec 550 paracord. In an emergency situation, you can unravel the bracelet to gain use of several feet of emergency cordage. Example uses are making a tourniquet to help someone in an accident or tying luggage down to a vehicle when traveling.

In our Paracord Shop, you can buy everything you need for your pet, for work, and for your hobby. In addition to the particular Paracord of your choice, you will also find many instructions for making your own. Discover Intoxcy8me Paracord Crafts and Great Instructions with Tutorials on our Projects.

Paracord Bracelets

Featured is the thin blue line known as the Law Enforcement Bracelet.

We do all our paracord bracelets handmade by a veteran, in any style or color.

Cobra Design Belts

Cobra style handmade belts in any color or design you choose.

Watch Bands

Custom made in any color or design just tell us how you want it made.